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Title: Un estudio comparativo de: serious games, aplicación gamificada, software educativo
Authors: Flores Sánchez, Bryan Harold
Issue Date: 11-Jan-2019
Publisher: Quito, 2019.
Citation: Flores Sánchez, B. H. (2019). Un estudio comparativo de: serious games, aplicación gamificada, software educativo. 80 hojas. Quito : EPN.
Abstract: The present research work shows a comparative study that identifies the characteristic elements of: serious games, gamified application and educational software that were obtained from the application of the methodology proposed by Kitchenham and Charters for systematic literature reviews in software engineering. To organize the characteristic elements, of the terms to be compared, the DPE framework (Design, Play and Experience) is used, which was adapted to include the characteristics of serious games, educational software and gamified applications in a single frame of reference. Finally, a set of 9 computer applications considered serious games, educational software and gamified applications are analyzed making use of the results thrown by the systematic review in order to discuss whether definitions are being applied correctly.
Description: El presente trabajo muestra un estudio comparativo a partir de los elementos característicos, de juegos serios, aplicación gamificada y software educativo. Para ello, se usa la metodología propuesta por Kitchenham y Charters para revisiones sistemáticas de la literatura en ingeniería de software. Para organizar los elementos característicos de los términos a comparar se hace uso del framework DPE (Design, Play and Experience), el cual se adaptó con la finalidad de englobar las características de los juegos serios, software educativo y aplicaciones gamificadas en un marco de referencia único. Finalmente, se analizan un conjunto de 9 aplicaciones informáticas que nos permiten verificar si están utilizando correctamente las definiciones.
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