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Title: Diseño de la Nueva Línea Macará-Zapotillo 69kV del Sistema de Subtransmisión de la EERSSA S.A.
Authors: Moreno Live, Josué David
Issue Date: 17-Oct-2019
Publisher: Quito, 2019.
Citation: Moreno Live, J. D. (2019). Diseño de la Nueva Línea Macará-Zapotillo 69kV del Sistema de Subtransmisión de la EERSSA S.A. 281 hojas. Quito : EPN.
Abstract: In this technical study, the electric power demand projection of the Macará-Zapotillo 69kV subtransmission line was carried out for 15 years horizon. The estimate was made based on historical information measured at the head of the feeders that supply electricity to the study area. For this projection the criteria of coinciding maximum demand and incorporation of special loads are used. Subsequently, the electrical design is performed once the voltage level is selected and, using the DigSilent Power Factory software, the simulations of power flows are carried out for 10 conductors selected for the established period. The results are used to calculate the regulation, efficiency, and power losses of the transmission line. The coordination of insulation is calculated according to the IEC 60815-2008 standard, and for the calculation of the ampacity of the selected conductors, the IEEE-738-1993 standard is used. From the meteorological information of the study area, and with the help of the PEEK formula, it is determined if there is a presence of corona effect. To determine the optimal alternative, it is performed on the investment costs and operating costs of the selected conductors. Finally, by means of the state equations are verified that the selected conductor complies with the mechanical requirements. The mechanical calculations of the transmission line are made with the help of the free software IMEDEXSA 12; and for the budget assement, the referential prices of the EERSSA are used.
Description: En el presente estudio técnico, se realizó la proyección de demanda eléctrica de la línea de subtransmisión 69kV Macará-Zapotillo para un periodo de 15 años. La estimación se la realizó a partir de información histórica; medida en cabecera de los alimentadores que abastecen de energía eléctrica a la zona de estudio. Para esta proyección se utilizó los criterios de demanda máxima coincidente e incorporación de cargas especiales.
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