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Nov-2016Ant Mutualism Increases Long-Term Growth and Survival of a Common Amazonian TreeBáez, Selene; Donoso, David A.; Queenborough, Simon A.; Jaramillo, Liliana; Valencia, Renato; Dangles, Olivier
2017A global database of ant species abundancesGibb, Heloise; Dunn, Rob R.; Sanders, Nathan J.; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
7-Nov-2018Prey’s traits mediate a neotropical toad dietMcElroy, Matthew. T.; Donoso, David A.
16-May-2018Dominance–diversity relationships in ant communities differ with invasionArnan, Xavier; Andersen, Alan N.; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
12-Dec-2018Cryptic Diversity in Colombian Edible Leaf-Cutting Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)Kooij, Pepijn W.; Dentinger, Bryn M.; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
2018Combining sampling techniques aids monitoring of tropical butterfliesCheca, María F.; Donoso, David A.; Rodriguez, Jacqueline; et. al.
Nov-2016Effects of climate change on Andean biodiversity: a synthesis of studies published until 2015Báez, Selene; Jaramillo, Liliana; Cuesta, Francisco; Donoso, David A.
26-Dec-2018Seasonal changes in diet and chemical defense in the Climbing Mantella frog (Mantella laevigata)Moskowitz, Nora A.; Roland, Alexandre B.; Fischer, Eva K.; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
22-Feb-2019Life cycle of Lucilia sericata (Meigen 1826) collected from Andean mountainsPruna, Washington; Guarderas, Paulina; Donoso, David A.; Barragán, Álvaro
26-May-2019Ant Morphology Mediates Diet Preference in a Neotropical Toad (Rhinella alata)McElroy, Matthew T.; Donoso, David A.