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25-Sep-2015A multilocus molecular phylogeny for Chaetostoma clade genera and species with a review of Chaetostoma (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the Central AndesLujan, Nathan K.; Meza-Vargas, Vanessa; Astudillo-Clavijo, Viviana; Barriga-Salazar, Ramiro; López-Fernández, Hernán
27-Nov-2013The Phyllomedusa perinesos group (Anura: Hylidae) is derived from a Miocene Amazonian LineageRon, Santiago R.; Almendáriz, Ana; Cannatella, David C.
2010Five new (extinct?) species of Atelopus (Anura: Bufonidae) from Andean Colombia, Ecuador, and PeruColoma, Luis; Duellman, William; Almendáriz, Ana; Ron, Santiago; Terán-Valdez, Andrea; Guayasamin, Juan
18-Sep-2015Two new Chaetostoma group (Loricariidae: Hypostominae) sister genera from opposite sides of the Andes mountains in Ecuador, with the description of one new speciesLujan, Nathan K.; Meza-Vargas, Vanessa; Barriga-Salazar, Ramiro
Oct-2013A new species of Shrew-opossum (Paucituberculata: Caenolestidae) with a phylogeny of extant CaenolestidsOjala Barbour, Reed; Pinto, Miguel; Brito, Jorge; Albuja Viteri, Luis; Lee, Thomas E.; Patterson, Bruce D.
2018Rodents of the eastern and western slopes of the Tropical Andes: phylogenetic and taxonomic insights using DNA barcodesPinto, C. Miguel; Ojala-Barbour, Reed; Brito, Jorge; et. al.
2013Transitions between Andean and Amazonian centers of endemism in the radiation of some arboreal rodentsUpham, Nathan S.; Ojala-Barbour, Reed; Brito M., Jorge; Velazco, Paúl M.; Patterson, Bruce D.
2014Una nueva especie de Musaraña del género Cryptotis Pomel 1848 (Mammalia: Soricomorpha: Soricidae) de Ecuador y estatus taxonomico de Cryptotis equatoris Thomas (1912)Moreno, Pablo; Albuja Viteri, Luis Humberto
Aug-2017Research Priorities for the Conservation and Sustainable Governance of Andean Forest LandscapesMathez-Stiefel, Sarah-Lan; Peralvo, Manuel; Báez, Selene; et. al.
22-Aug-2017Functional traits determine tree growth and ecosystem productivity of a tropical montane forest: Insights from a long-term nutrient manipulation experimentBáez, Selene; Homeier, Jürgen