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Title: Relativistic dynamics and electromagnetic field
Authors: Warzanskyj Poliscuk, Wsewolod
Issue Date: Jul-1991
Abstract: This is the concluding paper, out of a series of three, compiled under a general title a New Approach to the Theory of Relativity, two of them already published in the previous issue og these Proceedings. In this contribution, the equations of motion in the relativistic space are further analysed, proving that they can readily be interpreted as the general field equations. In particular, the compatibility between the General Relativity and Maxwell equations has been established, showing that both acquire an identical form in the limiting case of propagation of the system under consideration (a field of force in our case) with the speed of light. Besides, when using the formalism of the Maxwell equations, the effect of strong acceleration comes to light leading to a new interpretation of the quantum transitions of small particles and, by the same, to reconciliation of the Quantum and Relativistic Mechanics.
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