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2017Coevolutionary arms race versus host defense chase in a tropical herbivore–plant systemEndara, María-José; Coley, Phyllis D.; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
2017A global database of ant species abundancesGibb, Heloise; Dunn, Rob R.; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
2017GlobalAnts: a new database on the geography of ant traits (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)Parr, Catherine L.; Dunn, Robert R.; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
Oct-2018Influence of ecological factors on the presence of a triatomine species associated with the arboreal habitat of a host of Trypanosoma cruziOcaña-Mayorga, Sofía; Lobos, Simón E.; Pinto, C. Miguel; et. al.
3-Oct-2018How Many Species, Taxa, or Lineages of Cebus albifrons (Platyrrhini, Primates) Inhabit Ecuador? Insights from MitogenomicsRuiz-García, Manuel; Albuja, Luis; Pinto, C. Miguel; et. al.
2018Rodents of the eastern and western slopes of the Tropical Andes: phylogenetic and taxonomic insights using DNA barcodesPinto, C. Miguel; Ojala-Barbour, Reed; Brito, Jorge; et. al.
4-Feb-2017New species of arboreal rat of the genus Rhipidomys Cricetidae Sigmodontinae from Sangay National Park EcuadorBrito, Jorge; Moreno Cardenas, Pablo; et. al.
19-May-2017Higher predation risk for insect prey at low latitudes and elevationsRoslin, Tomas; Hardwick, Bess; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
2017Remote sensing improves prediction of tropical montane speciesdiversity but performance differs among taxaWallis, Christine I.B.; Brehm, Gunnar; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
Aug-2017Research Priorities for the Conservation and Sustainable Governance of Andean Forest LandscapesMathez-Stiefel, Sarah-Lan; Peralvo, Manuel; Báez, Selene; et. al.