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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2016(1.1.10) GranitoVaca, Alejandro
21-Mar-2007A Genetic Algorithm to Segment Range Image by Edge DetectionDíaz, I.; Branch, John W.; Boulanger, Pierre
2018A giant on the ground: another large-bodied Atractus (Serpentes: Dipsadinae) from Ecuadorian Andes, with comments on the dietary specializations of the goo-eaters snakesPassos, Paulo; Scanferla, Agustín; Melo-Sampaio, Paulo R.; Brito, Jorge; Almendariz, Ana
2017A global database of ant species abundancesGibb, Heloise; Dunn, Rob R.; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
2017A global database of ant species abundancesGibb, Heloise; Dunn, Rob R.; Sanders, Nathan J.; Donoso, David A.; et. al.
12-Mar-2007A Lossless Compression Method of Medical Images based on the LocalLing, Zhang; Yun, Zhang; Hongyan, Xiong
12-Mar-2007A Maglev System: Modeling and Controller DesignÁlvarez-Sánchez, E.; Álvarez-Gallegos, Jaime; Castro-Linares, R.
12-Mar-2007A Methodology for Excitation Systems IdentificationBotero Castro, Héctor Antonio; Ramírez Scarpetta, José Miguel
31-May-2017A multigrid optimization approach for the numerical solution of a class of variational inequalities of the second kindLópez Ordóñez, Sofía Alejandra
25-Sep-2015A multilocus molecular phylogeny for Chaetostoma clade genera and species with a review of Chaetostoma (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the Central AndesLujan, Nathan K.; Meza-Vargas, Vanessa; Astudillo-Clavijo, Viviana; Barriga-Salazar, Ramiro; López-Fernández, Hernán
9-Mar-2007A New Algorithm Based on rSQP and ADLi, Jin; Tan, Yuejin; Liao, Liangcai
Jun-1989A new formulation of relativistic dynamicsWarzanskyj Poliscuk, Wsewolod
12-Mar-2007A New Model For Induction Motor With Induced SalienciesFranco, Edison; Amaya, Martha; Ramírez, José
2002A New Species of Echinosaura (Gymnophthalmidae) from Ecuador and Colombia with Comments on Other Members of the Genus and Teuchocercus keyiFritts, Thomas; Almendáriz, Ana; Samec, Sissi
Jun-2005A New Species of Anoura (Chiroptera Phyllostomidae) from the Ecuadorian AndesMuchhala, Nathan; Mena Valenzuela, Patricio; Albuja Viteri, Luis Humberto
2012A new species of blunt-headed vine snake (Colubridae, Imantodes) from the Chocó region of EcuadorTorres-Carvajal, Omar; Yánez-Muñoz, Mario H.; Quirola, Diego; Smith, Eric; Almendáriz, Ana
2014A New Species of Bujurquina (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from the Río Danta, Ecuador, with a Key to the Species in the GenusArbour Jessica H., Barriga, Ramiro E.; López-Fernández, Hernán
2008A New species of Enyalioides (Iguanidae: Hoplocercinae) from southwestern EcuadorTorres, Omar; Almendáriz, Ana; Valencia, Jorge; Yánez, Mario; Reyes, Juan
29-Jun-2005A new species of Lonchophylla Thomas (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) from EcuadorAlbuja Viteri, Luis Humberto; Gardner, Alfred L.
2009A New Species of Mountain Viscacha (Chinchillidae: Lagidium Meyen) from the Ecuadorean AndesLedesma, Karim; Werner, Florian; Spotorno, Angel; Albuja Viteri, Luis Humberto