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Title: New EEQ S.A. SCADA and Substation Automation Project
Authors: Ruiz Ruiz, Raúl A.
Issue Date: 21-Mar-2007
Abstract: This article shows the main characteristics of actual EEQ SCADA System, as well as the most important aspects to be considered within the design requirements of a new SCADA and substations automation according with new technical criteria, the use of international standards and the application of the most modern technological solutions. The relevant concepts applied in a design based on open architecture and the implications of the integration of the IED´s within the substations automation are analysed to take advantage of the maximum potentialities and varied functionality of these intelligent equipment. Finally the basic requirements of the communication system for the new SCADA are approached.
Type: Article
Appears in Collections:2005 International Conference on Industrial Electronics and Control Applications (FIEE)

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