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Title: Prototipos para transmisión de datos sobre fibra óptica plástica en cortas distancias implementados en FPGA
Authors: Cárdenas, D.
Nespola, A.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: This work describes two media converter prototypes for transmitting 10Mb/s & 100Mb/s Ethernet data over large core (1mm) Step-Index Polymer Optical Fiber (SI-POF). In terms of reach, both prototypes greatly outperform previously published results and current commercial media converters based on POF as well as CAT-5 systems. These results encourage the deployment of POF for short and medium reach communications systems such as the last part of access networks, in-house and in-building networks, industrial automation, airplane and ship cabling and in general for all those environments in which not only characteristics like ease of installation and low-cost are desired, but also the inherent advantages of fiber optic transmission systems like electromagnetic compatibility issues.
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